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Empowering Teenagers & Young Adults

Who We Are

We are a charity set up to work with African communities to engage, inspire and educate young people with a  central commitment to empower the youth for constructive engagement and empowerment for a sustainable future.

Currently operating in cities across Nigeria and Ghana, we arrange workshops and seminars beneficial to young people in order to upskill them, providing training support in areas such as IT, digital media etc. and create exciting experiences that will empower young people to do things far beyond what they think is possible, while deepening their own sense of empowerment, confidence, self-esteem and personal responsibility.


To work with communities to engage, inspire and educate young people; empowering them through leadership development, improving communication and creating a network of support, assisting them in becoming innovative and integrative leaders and to affect positive change in their local communities.

YOUTH PWR INT'L envisions a world where all young people achieve their full potential and shape the future with power and confidence.


We aim to build an organisation focused on providing globally acceptable empowerment initiatives. We strive to establish, promote and raise awareness for youth empowerment and development in areas such as Education, Health, Economic Growth, Bridging the gap of Inequality, Innovation, Infrastructure, Industry, and several other sectors.

In line with the agenda for Sustainable Development Goals, our core interest is to provide support and achieve a better and sustainable future for young people. Our initiatives are clear, sustainable, and all-encompassing. With the ability to leverage on partnerships and make strategic alliances, we hope to deliver the future, now.

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The Future Of Endless Possibilities!

Past Projects


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At Youth PWR, we believe that every young person has a dream, and we hope to bring to reality these dreams. Having strong financial support will go a long way in the development and empowerment of young people through workshops, career seminars, and mentorship programs.

Become A Volunteer

Want to support our vision and mission with your skills and experience? You are welcome! We encourage people with talent, time, and skills to join as volunteers and bring creative and innovative ideas to our organization.

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Partner With Us

Do you have or know any organization that would like to partner with us? We are open to collaborations and partnerships. We understand the importance of fostering alliances and the strength in numbers. We hope to capitalize on this for a mutually beneficial business relationship.

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Support by making a donation to enable us to continue delivering engaging activities, mentorship & career development programmes, workshops and seminars beneficial to young people.

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