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The Ibadan chapter of the Youth PWR Africa Foundation in partnership with Desewa Endroit, a contemporary female fashion brand organized a skill acquisition program that was geared towards helping young females acquire skills in pattern drafting and sewing techniques.

After a rigorous selection process and a list of criteria intending participants had to meet which included being residents of Ibadan and not over a certain age range, two lucky ladies were selected to be recipients of the skill acquisition program.

The skill acquisition program kicked off on Monday, 7th of June, 2021, and Youth PWR was represented by the Executive Director; Temitope Arise & Damilola Akinbowale, a volunteer with Youth PWR Africa.

The selected participants of the Fashion Design Training named; Oreoluwa Ajao

& Gloria Adeleke was also present to receive a formal welcome. The Orientation started with an ice breaker led by Damilola: - Two facts and a lie, a short game played to make everyone relax, get to know one another, and feel comfortable. The proper introduction then followed as everyone present said their names and other basic details about themselves.

Oreoluwa Ajao is an Economics graduate and a fashion designer who wants to gain more knowledge. She lives in Felele while Gloria Adeleke is currently running a Masters in Environmental Health Sciences program but has some free time on her hands as she is working on her project. She lives in Moniya.

Damilola shared some history about Youth PWR Africa and the impact we have made with our projects so far. She emphasized that the essence of the organization is to engage, inspire and educate teenagers and young adults.

- Why Are You Here?

The participants were asked to share their story, how they gained interest in fashion design and what led them to apply for this opportunity. Both stories however had one thing in common- the inability to find employment after their national youth service. This is a strong point for Youth PWR since we as an organization are committed to empowering youths and helping as many young people as possible develop sustainable skills that will enable them to become self-sustaining individuals and also contribute to the society.

Youth PWR Africa's Affiliation with Desewa Endroit

Damilola spoke about Youth PWR Africa’s affiliation with Desewa Endroit and explained that the organization partnered with the fashion brand on this skill acquisition project. She told them that Desewa Endroit is a well-known fashion brand that has a large clientele and is known for elegant designs, attention to detail, and neatly tailored finishes. This was done so the participants could have an idea of the project they are going to be a part of and to assure them that Youth PWR Africa is putting them in good hands.

They were further encouraged to maintain professionalism, be inquisitive, avoid tardiness and get the best they can during the 1-month training program. The Executive Director of Youth PWR Africa, Temitope Arise, then addressed the participants. He talked about how important the expansion of a business is and this is what this opportunity is giving them. In his words, “By this empowerment program, we are not just allowing you to empower yourself, but also to give back and spread the impact”. He encouraged them to also pass the skill on to others, as soon as they can. Others will then pass it to others who will in turn pass it to others.

He admonished them to be professional in their attitude, interpersonal relationships, and conduct. He also advised that they learn the business part of this skill.

His advice, in summary, is “to expand, watch out for what people do”.

Address by Desewa

Desewa, the founder and Creative Director of the luxury brand also welcomed her new proteges. She asked them a few questions based on their existing knowledge in the field. She encouraged them to get the most they can during this program and to always approach her for any questions and assistance.

To see more pictures and follow the progress of the program, please follow our Instagram account: @youthpwr_africa.

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