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The Transition

Updated: May 5, 2021

It was the coveted summer the one we all waited for, yes it was time to enjoy the sun but

after that, students across the country and the world starts to transition from one level of

education into another. Former sixth from students going into universities.

It's more than just a geographical move away from home, friends, and family. It's also a

cultural change, as students step into different socio-economic circles and networks for the

first time and take their first steps towards financial independence.

Is it easy? No, not at all; and getting used to the changed also doesn’t happen with the snap of your fingers. Will you have moments where you don’t have an idea of anything that you are doing, yes of course.

For me, the transition looked a lot like a constant feeling of being lost and confused. Where

do I go what do I say? In that period, I called my mum constantly and most of the

conversations started with “what do I do when...”

She was very patient with me and was always ready to offer the advice and help when I needed it. That would be my first advice on how to deal with the transition.

Don't be afraid to ask for help from your friends, family and loved ones around you.

The other thing I would say is make friends. Having friends or people within your social

circle help to make the transition better.

Having more people around you that are in the same boat makes the transition much easier. You can explore together and learn together, making it less daunting.

Written by: Valerie Njambi

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