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Youth PWR Charity Receives £15,000 Grant from Croydon Relief in Need to Empower Disadvantaged Youth

Youth PWR is excited to announce the generous grant of £15,000 received from Croydon Relief in Need (CRiN). This funding will significantly bolster the organisation's project aimed at empowering young individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds in Croydon.

The project focuses on creating a safe and nurturing space for these young people to engage in fun and interactive activities. The initiative aims to not only provide an enjoyable environment but also to equip the youth with the skills and confidence needed for effective participation in society.

Croydon Relief in Need (CRiN) was established with the mission of extending financial assistance to individuals facing challenges due to poverty, hardship, age, disability, or other forms of disadvantage. Operating within the London Borough of Croydon, CRiN derives its funds from the Croydon Almshouse Charities. Their vision aligns perfectly with the goals of Youth PWR, making this collaboration a powerful step towards bettering the lives of young people in the community.

Expressing his gratitude, Adeola Onigbanjo, the CEO of Youth PWR Charity, stated,

"We are delighted to receive a grant from the Croydon Relief in Need, and we are very grateful for the award. We look forward to the positive impact this grant will have on our project and young people."

This partnership between Youth PWR Charity and Croydon Relief in Need exemplifies the spirit of community collaboration and dedication to improving the lives of disadvantaged youth. As Youth PWR continues its mission to empower young individuals and foster positive change, this grant will serve as a catalyst in creating a brighter and more inclusive future for the youth of Croydon.

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