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4 Ways To Celebrate Cultural Diversity With Young People

In today's interconnected world, it becomes increasingly important to help young people navigate and appreciate different cultures by exposing them to a diverse range of opinions, thoughts, and cultural backgrounds.


Create a calendar that highlights celebrations around the world while marking the significance of each & every festival, so that when a holiday comes up, you are able to personalise the celebrations by crafts, food, books, story telling, workshops, movies and games related to different cultures & diversities.

Similarly, you can explore how different cultures celebrate the same holiday. For example, Christmas is celebrated in many cultures, but those celebrations can look very different. So, you create a safe space for the young people to share their favourite family traditions for their holidays and gain an understanding about holidays celebrated in other cultures.


Another way to promote diversity amongst young people is to partner with the music and art institutions to dive into the music and art of the cultures represented by the young people..

Activities like listening to samples of music, and conduct a discussion about the similarities and differences they hear. If there are instruments that are unique to a culture, show pictures of them to them. You can also teach young people simple folk songs from different cultures as they will especially enjoy learning fun songs.

Youth PWR has already integrated young people's creativity in the form of designing, music and artistic illustrations through the help of our PWR Magazine. We have successfully published 11 editions of our PWR Magazine consisting of content created by our young people. Our motive is to create a safe space for our young people and help them gain a sense of empowerment through these activities and we feel honoured to share these ways with the world to create a community


Diversity is not about how we differ. Diversity is about embracing one another’s uniqueness.


Inviting people from different cultures to speak to the young people either in person or virtually will help them to connect with people across the world!

We can also host activities like helping young people create questionnaire surveys to conduct interviews with someone from a different culture than their own. This could include other young people, neighbours, or friends. Then, creating an encouraging environment for them to share their learnings with fellow young people.

Youth PWR believes in providing learnings that are beneficial for long term growth. Therefore, we host podcast workshops to provide young people with better understanding about any topic and also boosting their personal skills. Podcasts are a great medium for insights, inspiration and creative conversations and also keeps young people engaged.


Teaching about other languages is a great way to celebrate cultural diversity with the young people. If any of them speak languages other than English, allow them to share their languages with the others. Also, ask each multilingual young person to teach the class a few words in his or her native language.

During these activities, there could be some young people feeling shy or under confident for talking on such topics so we suggest you to create a safe environment for these young people as that will help them open up and share their thoughts. Depending upon the age brackets of the young people, you could even have them get into small groups to create short skits using the new words they’ve learned.

If young people learn about different cultures during their education, they will feel more comfortable and safer with these differences later in life. It will also lead to building a positive environment and a stronger community.

If you are a young person or if you know anyone who would benefit from our workshops on insightful topics like cultural diversity, please click here to register for our programmes.


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